Writing Memoir

Diane Comer and Literary Nonfiction

Writing Memoir

upcoming 2024   
Overview: "And your memory is ready to show you everything, having waited all these years for you to return and know." ~John O’Donohue.

Target audience:  This course is for those who want to explore and understand their life through memoir. 

À la carte, but may swap some dishes out for others:  
        Portrait — the flesh made word
        Touchstones — the splinter lodged in memory
        Place — inner and outer landscapes
        Speak memory — the filter of self
        Only connect — the river under the river
        Time in narrative — then, again
        Structure — the shape within.

This eight week course explores your habit of attention through a different lens each week. The weekly prompts provoke and inspire. You will receive detailed written feedback from the tutor and in-class feedback from your peers, with the opportunity to develop and expand your writing. Examples of different memoir styles are considered, with an attention to craft and language. Reading, writing and discussion are at the heart of the course. .

Class limit:  12 students

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